School Group and Outing

The Truth of School Excursions

Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park where children braving their first steps against intimidating high structures, suspension rope course and waterslides that are outside their comfort zone, stimulating the experience that helps children to overcome fears and strengthen friendship bonding, and understanding to connect with the real world that promote the value of:

  • Play - face challenges and overcome fear of heights or speed
  • Entertainment - Feel the excitement of flying through the air, climbing and pushing personal boundaries
  • Social & cross - generational interaction- stimulate young and old minds alike while engaging in the outdoor activities
  • Relaxation - enjoy the fun destination with exciting rides and games in a natural environment

PLAY, which is an important requirement children need in their development, will enhance their emotional and physical well-being. Children are exposed to valuable skills through PLAY:

  • Social interactions - meet new acquaintances from different background
  • Cooperation - work with others to resolve problems faced
  • Creativity - expand children's minds to think out of the box
  • Challenges - overcome fear and uncertainty
  • Self-confidence - boost one's confidence and capability in the outdoors
  • Trust - enjoy the physical workouts and challenges through companionship
  • Imagination - cross the invisible boundary

The activities that the children choose are nothing but fun, for they are planned to:

  • Excite participants' senses
  • Reignite the passion for the outdoors

So, let your children roam the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park and find out for themselves what they are capable of when faced with challenges and obstacles.

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