Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

  • 1. Where can I buy Austin Heights Water Park tickets?

    You may purchase it online at, via the booking system, or on-site at the Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park ticketing counters.

  • 2. Do I need to purchase a ticket even if I'm not riding any slides or getting into the water at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park?

    Regardless of a guest's level of participation, whether or not a guest plans on riding slides or getting into the water, a ticket is required for admission.

  • 3. Can I leave and re-enter the Park?

    Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park provides a single entry ticket. Wristbands are valid for ONE time admission only, therefore, re-admission is not allowed.

  • 4. If I am unable to make it to the theme park and decides to visit it another day. Will I be able to do so?

    Please note that confirmed transactions cannot be cancelled, refunded, or amended.

  • 5. Will the park be closed during heavy downpours or thunderstorms?

    In the event of lightning within close proximity to the park, outdoor attractions will be closed for the safety of all guests. Rides will be reopened as soon as safe operations can be assured. Refunds or rain checks for inclement weather are not offered.

  • 6. Can children under the age of 12 visit Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park by themselves?

    We advise all visitors under the age of 12 years to be accompanied by an adult.

  • 7. Is there any internet access in Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park?


  • 8. Will I be able to bring food and drinks into the Park?

    We offer a variety of fresh and delicious food for our guests to enjoy at our restaurants and concession stands throughout the park. Therefore bringing in food and drinks are not allowed.

  • 9. Is smoking permitted in the park?

    Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park allows smoking only at areas identified as designated smoking areas. All other areas in the parks are smoke-free, and smoking is strictly prohibited.

  • 10. Is there a place to store my personal belongings inside the park?

    All-day or hourly locker rentals are available and are rented on a first-come-first-served basis. The lockers accept Malaysian Currency notes only. Lockers are available in small (360mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) and large (910mm high x 370mm wide x 500mm deep) sizes.

  • 11. Do we have to pay anything else once we are in the park?

    Tickets provide holders with entry to the park. Tickets do not include: Food, refreshments, competitions, lockers, BBQ Hire and merchandise.

  • 12. In case I have some money left in the wrist band, can I get back the remaining balance?

    Yes, we will refund the remaining balance to our customers.

  • 13. Is there any express pass in Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park?

    No, we do not offer express pass.

  • 14. Any shuttle bus from JB Central to Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park?

    Sorry not for the time being. We would like to look into this in future.

  • 15. How much is the taxi fare from JB Central to Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park?

    Approximately RM 30.00 per trip.

Service & Facilities

  • 1. Is there any Cabana at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park?

    Yes, Cabanas are available for rental at Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park and can comfortably hold up to 10 peoples.

  • 2. What is Austin Heights Water & Adventure Park's operation hours?

    Please keep yourself updated through our websites for seasonal operational times.

  • 3. Are there "Halal" foods served within the Park?

    All our foods are served without pork or lard.

  • 4. Are there vegetarian options available in the Park?

    Yes, we do offer a vegetarian choice and/ or a healthy choice.

Water Park

  • 1. How deep is the wave pool?

    Ranging from 0.6m to 2m.

  • 2. Which is the tallest ride in the park?

    The tallest ride in the park is Yellow Wall.

  • 3. What should I wear at Austin Heights Water Park?

    You are welcome to wear whatever swimwear you're comfortable with, provided that it is suitable for a family environment. Any clothing with rivets, studs, zips, etc. which may damage our fixtures, equipment or water quality may not be permitted.

  • 4. Which is the most recommended rides that you need to try?

    We recommend that you should try out every ride in our water theme park.

  • 5. What kind of safety restrictions are there for rides?

    Safety is our top priority. Therefore, some guests may be denied access to some rides if their safety is compromised due to their weight, size, mobility ability or any other guidelines provided by manufacturers. All riders must comply with our regulations and manufacturers' guidelines as well as any employee's verbal advice or warning. Individuals who do not comply with our rules and guidelines can be expelled from the park without refund, exchange or compensation.

  • 6. Are there height requirements for any of the attractions?

    For safety purposes, there are height, weight, and/or health restrictions for various attractions.

  • 7. Will there be tubes/ floatation devices/ life jackets provided for in the Austin Heights Water Park?

    Tubes are provided for select attractions and for guests to use in Austin Heights Water Park.

  • 8. Are towels provided for in the Austin Heights Water Park?

    For hygiene purposes, we regret to inform that we do not provide towels in the Water Park.

Adventure Park

  • 1. What is the height of activities at Monkey Business?

    There are two levels of heights of at Monkey Business: level 5m and level 9m.

  • 2. Is there any supervision?

    Safety is our top priority. However, prior to commencing on the Course, you will receive a full safety briefing from an instructor. Only once you have demonstrated that you are safe to go, will you be able to continue around the course independently. Instructors patrol on the ground and are on hand to assist, where necessary.

    For kids, they are attached to a continuous safety line and detached only when they have completed the course. Parents and carers are expected to guide and encourage their children from the ground.

  • 3. Do I need to book in advance?

    We encourage you to do advance booking for the Monkey Business.

  • 4. Which brand of harness or safety equipment the park is using?

    As safety is our top priority, the harness that we are using is the Petzl brand. All the courses are equipped with a continuous belay system that will always attach on the safety line.

  • 5. What is the maximum weight that can carry for Monkey Business?

    The maximum weight is 120kg.

  • 6. Is there any height requirement for Monkey Business?

    Yes, the minimum height requirement is 140cm.

  • 7. What should I wear at Monkey Business?

    You are welcome to wear whatever sports attire you're comfortable with and track shoes. Sandals or shoes with open toes are not allowed in the activity.

Drift in Austin

  • 1. How and where can I buy Drift Carts Ticket?

    Tickets can be purchased at the ticketing counter of Drift in Austin.

  • 2. Can I buy the tickets on the same day that I wish to visit Drift Carts?

    Yes, you can purchase the tickets on the same day you arrive at Drift Carts.

  • 3. Are tickets transferable or refundable?

    We regret that tickets sold are non-transferable and non-refundable.

  • 4. Can I leave and re-enter the park?

    Tickets are valid for ONE session only. Therefore to re-enter is not allowed.

  • 5. Is there any maximum weight for Drift Carts?

    Yes, the maximum weight is 100kg.

  • 6. Is there any minimum age for children to have a ride?

    Yes, the minimum age for children will be 9 years old and the minimum height requirement is 100cm.